SQL => Azure SQL

Cloud was a buzzword some time ago (like AI and deep learning now). These days however it’s more normal, just one of the technology choices we make while creating software. You might think that migration to the cloud takes a lot of effort. We also thought that way before. This post will walk you through our first few steps to the cloud, and describe some interesting things we discovered on the way. Continue reading “SQL => Azure SQL”

Developing high performing software teams

Even though a lot of time is spent working in teams, little time is spent on developing teams in order to improve performance. The study to become a software developer is mostly about “hard” topics (“algorithms and data structures” etc) and not focused on how to work with others to translate skills into great user-friendly software. The busy days of developing software makes it hard for many teams to prioritize working on the soft skills of the job – how much time does your team dedicate in order to work better as a team? Continue reading “Developing high performing software teams”

Code Search

Tooling is an important part of development, and using the proper tools can increase productivity and simplify the developer’s life considerably.  Confirmit’s internal Code Search tool is one of those.

Code search in general is an extremely powerful feature. You can use it for different scenarios, such as when searching for a specific class by name or for finding instances of a method or code snippet used by your colleagues etc. It could even replace your IDE when you need to analyze someone’s code.

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Security pays off

With data breaches in the news weekly it is becoming evident for everyone that a lack of security can cost companies large amounts of money. Investments in security are by many seen as a form of insurance. It could prevent you from being in the headlines in the next cyber incident, or it could at least help your case that you had actually tried to avoid being vulnerable.

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Lean Inception

When a new project is taken on by a team at Confirmit, it is often based on initial discussions among a very limited group of people.  The rest of the team has no insight into the initial ideas and thinking. We have discussed and tried various ways of kicking off new projects, in this post I want to share our experiences with one of them: Lean Inception

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Writing React friendly CSS

The main goal of this blog entry is to present how one could combine webpack/npm/BEM/Sass to write a modular, more complex, and React friendly CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

The targeted group for the blog post are people working with web design and/or front-end development. I also start from the assumption that you are currently working with React, or are planning to do so, and would like to learn more about how to integrate CSS in your React-based project.

A secondary goal is to review the inheritance, cascading and scoping so-called “issues” of CSS. These are often brought up lately as hinders in a module-based environment, especially by the promoters of CSS in JS libraries, as styled-components.

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Confirmit at NDC Oslo 2017

NDC is arranged for the 10th time in Oslo on June 12-16 2017. Confirmit is a partner of the conference and will have a company stand in the expo area during the three conference days (June 14-16). Do not hesitate to come over to our stand and meet some of our devoted developers. Confirmit is an attractive place to work for highly skilled developers, but unfortunately it is not a well known company in the city of its head office.

Our application security lead, Halvor Sakshaug, will be speaking at NDC on what happens when kindergartens go online without a focus on security.

Running a Design Sprint – how hard can it be?

Sprint - Book by Jake Knapp with John Zeratsky & Braden Kowitz from Google Ventures

First of all, if you don’t know what a Design Sprint is you should start here or just google it. There are a lot of good articles out there describing what a Design Sprint is and how you should go about running one. As always, nothing will go by the book; even less so the first time you do one, so this article will focus on our key experiences from running a Design Sprint for the first time.

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From big bang releases to deployment four times per week

When I started working for this company back in 2003 we used to upgrade our production servers pretty regularly every six months. A couple of times we decided to go nine or twelve months between upgrades, and in one very particular instance when we had to replace a core data storage system we went a whopping twenty months between releases.

Today we release to production four times per week (Monday through Thursday).

So, what happened? And perhaps as important – why? Continue reading “From big bang releases to deployment four times per week”