Confirmit – the cool 20 year old that few know about

I bet you read the headline for this post and thought ??!?? Confirmit who? It’s sad, but it makes sense. When we bring in people for interviews, people have rarely heard about us.

Confirmit is a Norwegian software product company that delivers software to big companies like Amazon, Visa, Virgin, Accenture, Sony etc. 90% of our market is outside the Nordic countries so most of the marketing money is spent other places than in Norway – that’s why people outside USA haven’t heard about us. This is a tech-blog, so I will not fill it with
marketing material, but in this first post I need to tell you a little bit about who we are. Confirmit is a Norwegian software company, founded in 1996 by Bjørn Haugland. He hired the first two developers: Peter Myklebust (now CTO) and Espen Nygaard (Solution Architect at our San Francisco branch) and they started coding on what is today considered a market leader in our space. Confirmit’s leading software platform helps businesses listen to customers, markets and employees, analyze insights and drive meaningful change to fuel business growth. In short: we proudly provide insight that drives actions which lead to happier employees and customers. In addition to organic growth, we have also acquired a few companies over the course of last 10 years, and we are now around 450 people in total. The head office is still in Oslo.

“A hidden jewel for software developers”

That’s at least what some of our new members of the R&D family stated when they learned about us in the recruitment interview. There are 40 dedicated engineers working on our Confirmit Horizons platform in Oslo. We also have a development department in Grimstad which focuses on text analytics using deep learning/machine learning – techniques. Our other R&D branches are located in Vancouver, Moscow, Yaroslavl & San Francisco – around 150 in total. Our 20 year anniversary was recently celebrated in 20’s-style, a celebration worthy of a grown-up company. 

After 20 years under the radar, it’s time for us to get some new friends. For us this means making ourselves known and actively participating in the software community. We will contribute with blog-posts, we will host a React meetup in Oslo early May (date still to be finalized – May 11th?) and if you are at Web Rebels or NDC, drop by Confirmit stand and say hello. We also encourage our employees to speak at conferences and next one out is Halvor Sakshaug at NDC ( ).

If you are located in Oslo, we want you to know that there is a software product company in town where diving into details and striving for perfection is valued. It’s a great place for learning, we run coding dojos, innovation lab and other initiatives that keep us on the cutting-edge. In Oslo we have a great mix of UX people, frontend developers (React, Node, CSS), backend developers (C#, Java) and test engineers. We enjoy our work, that’s one of the reasons people tend to stay with us, our tenure is more than 8 years in average. We have currently open positions at our Oslo office.

This was our first blog post, the next ones will focus on sharing how we work, how we are using various technologies etc – fun stuff!

Trond Johansen – Head of Confirmit R&D Norway

Author: Trond Johansen

Head of Confirmit R&D Norway. Leadership – team development – coaching. Tech companies.