Security pays off

With data breaches in the news weekly it is becoming evident for everyone that a lack of security can cost companies large amounts of money. Investments in security are by many seen as a form of insurance. It could prevent you from being in the headlines in the next cyber incident, or it could at least help your case that you had actually tried to avoid being vulnerable.

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Confirmit at NDC Oslo 2017

NDC is arranged for the 10th time in Oslo on June 12-16 2017. Confirmit is a partner of the conference and will have a company stand in the expo area during the three conference days (June 14-16). Do not hesitate to come over to our stand and meet some of our devoted developers. Confirmit is an attractive place to work for highly skilled developers, but unfortunately it is not a well known company in the city of its head office.

Our application security lead, Halvor Sakshaug, will be speaking at NDC on what happens when kindergartens go online without a focus on security.