Lean Inception

When a new project is taken on by a team at Confirmit, it is often based on initial discussions among a very limited group of people.  The rest of the team has no insight into the initial ideas and thinking. We have discussed and tried various ways of kicking off new projects, in this post I want to share our experiences with one of them: Lean Inception

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Team Review

When I joined Confirmit R&D 17 years ago the entire department was seated together.  Our product was limited in size and our organization was project-based.  Today R&D is product-based and consists of 16 nearly autonomous Scrum-teams spread across Norway, Russia, US, and Canada.  To ensure all these teams work toward the same vision based on the same high-level priorities, we arrange a week where we present and coordinate plans for the next six months twice a year .  We call it “Team Review”.

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