SQL => Azure SQL

Cloud was a buzzword some time ago (like AI and deep learning now). These days however it’s more normal, just one of the technology choices we make while creating software. You might think that migration to the cloud takes a lot of effort. We also thought that way before. This post will walk you through our first few steps to the cloud, and describe some interesting things we discovered on the way. Continue reading “SQL => Azure SQL”

Saved by the bell (aka SQL Server Server Columnstore Indexes)

This is a story about trying to keep the head above water in the middle of the ocean for a long time, just waiting for that ship to come by and pick you up. Or, in other words, it’s about what we in Confirmit have been struggling with while waiting for the long-missed feature of columnstore indexes in Microsoft SQL Server. Continue reading “Saved by the bell (aka SQL Server Server Columnstore Indexes)”