Confirmit at Web Rebels 2017


Web Rebels is a community driven conference in Oslo focused on front-end technologies, for “everyone who loves developing applications and services using web technology”. Confirmit is a Tier 3 sponsor of Web Rebels 2017, and we will have four developers attending and a company stand. Our presence in the front-end community is paramount to staying updated in an ever-changing front-end landscape, as well as promoting ourselves as an attractive work place for highly skilled developers.

Do not hesitate to come over to our stand and meet some of our devoted developers, and have a chat about anything from our work to the latest in JavaScript or how we scale React in large applications. We will bring a bar cooler full of refreshing locally brewed Tøyen-Cola. There is also a prize draw, so make sure to take our JavaScript code quiz to participate!

Saved by the bell (aka SQL Server Server Columnstore Indexes)

This is a story about trying to keep the head above water in the middle of the ocean for a long time, just waiting for that ship to come by and pick you up. Or, in other words, it’s about what we in Confirmit have been struggling with while waiting for the long-missed feature of columnstore indexes in Microsoft SQL Server. Continue reading “Saved by the bell (aka SQL Server Server Columnstore Indexes)”

Evolution from standard Octopus usage to large scale On-Premise deployments


About 3-years ago, we started our move from deployment using MSI to using Octopus Deploy. The MSI setup was hard to maintain and manual to deploy/install. Octopus seemed like a good fit for automated deployments. For more than 1 1/2 years, we have now been running all our deployments to both test and production environments using Octopus.

Confirmit Horizons is a quite large application/platform that consists of 60+ services, API’s and web applications. The deployment process in Octopus has about 80 steps.

At the same time we have also stared our journey from a monolith to microservices so the number of services and API’s are constantly growing.

On our main Octopus server, we have about 40 environments. Most are test and staging environments. Our three On-Demand environments in US, UK and Australia are also defined on this server. There are a total of about 300 machines/tentacles in these environments.

We also have an Octopus test server mainly used for development/testing of microservices. It has about 60 projects, 10 environments and 50 machines/tentacles.

So far, all is standard usage of Octopus.


We have a set of challenges that are not solved by standard usage of Octopus. Continue reading “Evolution from standard Octopus usage to large scale On-Premise deployments”

Confirmit – the cool 20 year old that few know about

I bet you read the headline for this post and thought ??!?? Confirmit who? It’s sad, but it makes sense. When we bring in people for interviews, people have rarely heard about us.

Confirmit is a Norwegian software product company that delivers software to big companies like Amazon, Visa, Virgin, Accenture, Sony etc. 90% of our market is outside the Nordic countries so most of the marketing money is spent other places than in Norway – that’s why people outside USA haven’t heard about us. Continue reading “Confirmit – the cool 20 year old that few know about”

Team Review

When I joined Confirmit R&D 17 years ago the entire department was seated together.  Our product was limited in size and our organization was project-based.  Today R&D is product-based and consists of 16 nearly autonomous Scrum-teams spread across Norway, Russia, US, and Canada.  To ensure all these teams work toward the same vision based on the same high-level priorities, we arrange a week where we present and coordinate plans for the next six months twice a year .  We call it “Team Review”.

Continue reading “Team Review”