Writing React friendly CSS

The main goal of this blog entry is to present how one could combine webpack/npm/BEM/Sass to write a modular, more complex, and React friendly CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

The targeted group for the blog post are people working with web design and/or front-end development. I also start from the assumption that you are currently working with React, or are planning to do so, and would like to learn more about how to integrate CSS in your React-based project.

A secondary goal is to review the inheritance, cascading and scoping so-called “issues” of CSS. These are often brought up lately as hinders in a module-based environment, especially by the promoters of CSS in JS libraries, as styled-components.

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Confirmit at Web Rebels 2017


Web Rebels is a community driven conference in Oslo focused on front-end technologies, for “everyone who loves developing applications and services using web technology”. Confirmit is a Tier 3 sponsor of Web Rebels 2017, and we will have four developers attending and a company stand. Our presence in the front-end community is paramount to staying updated in an ever-changing front-end landscape, as well as promoting ourselves as an attractive work place for highly skilled developers.

Do not hesitate to come over to our stand and meet some of our devoted developers, and have a chat about anything from our work to the latest in JavaScript or how we scale React in large applications. We will bring a bar cooler full of refreshing locally brewed Tøyen-Cola. There is also a prize draw, so make sure to take our JavaScript code quiz to participate!