Writing React friendly CSS

The main goal of this blog entry is to present how one could combine webpack/npm/BEM/Sass to write a modular, more complex, and React friendly CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

The targeted group for the blog post are people working with web design and/or front-end development. I also start from the assumption that you are currently working with React, or are planning to do so, and would like to learn more about how to integrate CSS in your React-based project.

A secondary goal is to review the inheritance, cascading and scoping so-called “issues” of CSS. These are often brought up lately as hinders in a module-based environment, especially by the promoters of CSS in JS libraries, as styled-components.

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Confirmit – the cool 20 year old that few know about

I bet you read the headline for this post and thought ??!?? Confirmit who? It’s sad, but it makes sense. When we bring in people for interviews, people have rarely heard about us.

Confirmit is a Norwegian software product company that delivers software to big companies like Amazon, Visa, Virgin, Accenture, Sony etc. 90% of our market is outside the Nordic countries so most of the marketing money is spent other places than in Norway – that’s why people outside USA haven’t heard about us. Continue reading “Confirmit – the cool 20 year old that few know about”